Anti Ragging Committee

The College has adopted a policy of zero tolerance towards ragging and strives to achieve a completely ragging free campus. An Anti-Ragging Committee (ARC) has also been setup. The names of the ARC members along with their mobile numbers are also published in this page for the victim or his/her parents/guardians to lodge a complaint to the Chairman of ARC.
N.B.: Students can call up a toll free phone number 1800-180-5522, to get help against ragging in any educational institute in India.
The Committee:
•   Principal, Dhemaji Commerce College, Chairman.
•   Mr. S.Patra, Convener Ph. +91 9435367033
•   Mr.  D. Dutta,Member   Ph.:+91 9435188080
•   Mr.  S.Hazarika, Member Ph.: +91 9401119167
•   Mrs. P. Lahan, Member, Ph.: +91 9435509944
•   Mrs. L. Gogoi, Member,  Ph.: +91 986497997
•   Mr. D. Bagiri, Member, Ph.: +91 986497997
•   Mr. J. Baruah  Member, Ph.: +91 995436408
•  Hostel Supervisor, Member
•  Hostel Caretaker, Member
•  Hostel Monitor/Prefect, Member
•  President, Students Union, Member
•  Vice President, Students Union, Member
• General Secretary, Students Union, Member